Ban on PUBG in Pakistan

Ban on PUBG in Pakistan

Muhammad Ammar Arsalan

PUBG is one of the online games played all around the world. The word PUBG stands for “Players Unknown Battleground”. It is a kind of multiplayer royal game where different players from different corners of the world play and compete for their survival. There are different modes in the game. Usually, up to hundred of players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons to kill others and make sure their protection and survival. The player or the squad which leaves alive is considered the victorious and earns the title of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. The game is directed and designed by Brenden Greene, composed by Tom Salta. Its producer is Kim Chang-han and the artist is Jang Tae-seok.
The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) suspended PUBG after receiving complaints from different segments of society. It received numerous complaints wherein it was stated that the game is addictive, wastage of time and poses serious negative impacts on the mental and psychological health of the youngsters.
So, here I blame our society and people for the above mentioned complaints. Why are we getting into this so deeply? We are living in the so-called era of Technology and communication. We have to be developed as much as the world is. We should go through every step in this field according to the present day choices. We should provide our youngsters platforms in every field of life and competition whether it is science, technology, communication, gaming or any other field.
Let us take the example of Arsalan Ash, the top player of “Takken-7” e-gaming in Pakistan. That time there was no platform for the youngsters to prove themselves in soft-gaming. There was no source for the players to play at the world level e-gaming in Pakistan. Arsalan faced a lot of problems while proving himself and at a level he was very much disappointed. He was selected for “Takken-7” finale in Japan. He was allowed to Japan after a lot of struggle. He won the final there and made a history for Pakistan. He made us proud and realized that we could also make our nation proud in such fields. Putting before this example I think of the decision of ban on PUBG as a silly one. Our government must provide such platforms so that we can stand with the world in every field.
Secondly, in a world where there are wars, conflicts, hatred, oppression everywhere. People are facing depression. In such a case we need to preach love to the world. We need to unite the world. We need to fight against hatred. In such depressed situations, PUBG provides us a platform to spread love in the world. In this game we meet different kinds of people having different races, faiths, colors and nationalities, and make them friends. PUBG is playing a vital role in uniting the world. It provides a platform to fight against hatred.
Moreover, it’s a way of earning too for the youngsters. An average player can earn up to 30000 per month and a pro-player can earn even up to one lac. So, ban on PUBG is also depriving them of the source of earning which the youngsters use in the current situation of unemployment.
If people are considering it a as a wastage of time, an addictive game and poses negative impacts on the mental and psychological health of the youngsters, government must take some important measure to resolve the matter. Such as providing a fixed timetable or fixed hours in a day when youngsters can play and entertain themselves. Moreover, the government should make sure the engagement of youngsters in jobs or studies during their leisure hours. Government should work on the issue of unemployment. These are the some measures which can solve the problem.

In my view, ban on PUBG is not the solution to the problem but it is a step to deprive the youngsters of the opportunity to prove themselves in the field of online gaming on national and international level.

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